Kadi is finally able to walk again

April 2017

Kadi comes from Barsalogo, a village in the neighbourhood of Kaya. She came for consultation at the Medical and Surgical Center (MSC) in January 2017, during the surgery mission led by Dr Dominique Hügli. Completely folded over, unable to stretch her feet, as well as unable to stand or walk, she was suffering from a serious infection which had already lasted for three years. The young girl could not even sit or squat at times and she remained lying in her bed all day long.

The infection had eroded her right pelvic bones. In addition, Kadi was anemic and severely malnourished. Aged 14, she only weighed 17 kg!

Because of her overall health condition, the surgeons could not operate her. She was hospitalized at the MSC to get some health care such as foods enriched with proteins to treat her nutritional deficiencies, and antibiotics to fight infection.
Kadi was operated in March during a new surgery mission led this time by Dr Antoon Schlösser. Her health had sufficiently improved to withstand surgery. This one consisted in cutting the femoral head and neck in order to clear up the infection, as well as the friction and pain that the young girl was experiencing in her hip.

Through surgery, Kadi is at least able to stand up with the help of crutches and stretch her foot slightly. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation sessions to help her walk again. She is even motivated to resume classes despite her advanced age. Being sickly since her childhood, as a matter of fact, she had dropped out of school in Grade 1 (CP2).

Her mom is deeply touched: "Who would have believed Kadi could gain weight. She no longer complains of pains, she only has to regain mobility. When we go back home, people will only say these words: What a miracle!"

Kadi, herself, is eager for one thing: to go home to see again her six brothers and sisters she is missing a lot. She is finally smiling again.

The quality of team work as well as communication is a major issue for the good functioning of the MSC. Technical debriefings take place regularly between the different teams of voluntary surgeons, that is Dr Hügli’s and Dr Schlösser’s, in order to ensure a proper transmission of patient records from one mission to the next one.